Morning Motivation: The Law of Cause & Effect

Morning Motivation: The Law of Cause & Effect

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The law of cause and effect is consistently at work. There is always an inner cause for every outer effect.

Anything which is visible first dwelt in an invisible place. We create the world in which we live, first internally, second externally. Whatsoever you build inside will manifest outwardly. Your outer world is a direct result of your inner world.

Every circumstance in life developed from a choice... Every choice stems from thought which can not be shaken.

There are a few items to keep in mind so that your understanding of cause and effect are further understood:

  1. Your life is clay until your mind develops it.
  2. Thought creates life...Life increases thought.
  3. Self-evaluation is not understanding the problem but gaining an understanding of how it became a problem.

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