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Morning Motivation: Two Perspectives

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There is a story of two brick-layers. Both laid bricks for over 25 years and worked together for all of this time. One day a man visited a construction site they were working on. This man inquired what they were doing. The first man complained stating "I am just laying bricks, doing this for 25 years, brick after brick, day after day". The man then turned to the other man and asked the same question. This time the response was different: "I am laying brick to build a beautiful sky-scaper...this building will be the tallest and most beautiful our city has ever seen"! 

These two men did the same job, and worked on the same site, yet had two different perspectives. A few things to consider:

  1. How you see life may differ from another but don't just lay a a structure!
  2. If you want to refresh your life reinvest in your life perceptions.  
  3. Ask yourself, "How could my life change if my negative perceptions changed"?

Life is about how you view it and how you are willing to shift it. 

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