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BLOG: January temperatures... Who can keep up?


The year 2017 is only 15 days old but does anyone else feel like we’ve been through at least 3 seasons already? Check out the highs since January 1.

1.  50°

2.  52°

3.  56°

4.  60°

5.  46°

6.  44°

7.  33°

8.  32°

9.  33°

10.  52°

11.  58°

12.  71°

13. 78°

14.  63°

15.  69°

The average high has been 50° since January 1.


We’ve been average ONCE.

Above average 9 times.

Below average 5 times.

In the 30s 3 days.

In the 40s 2 days.

In the 50s 5 days.

In the 60s 3 days.

In the 70s twice.

We’ve been as much as 28° above average on the high.

We’ve been as much as 18° below average on the high.

We only broke 1 record. That was on the 13th, when we hit 78°. The old record was 75° (set in 2013).

What does it all mean? It means that January in the Carolinas is all over the map! It isn’t unusual to have winter weather… snow storms, ice storms and really cold temperatures. It’s also not that out of the ordinary to have a few warm days.

Hold on… January isn’t over yet! The week ahead looks like another mild one. In fact, we may not fall below freezing… or even into the 30s at all, for the next 7 days! What comes next? We’ll let you know in your First Alert Forecast!

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