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Repeat offender out on bond charged with hit and run after cutting ankle monitor

(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV) (Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)

Type Trezman Funderburk's name into the Mecklenburg County Court's database and nearly forty charges will pop up. The 25-year-old has been in and out of jail since 2008.  

Two weeks ago, Pineville Police say Funderburk crashed into another vehicle while he was trying to speed away from officers attempting to pull him over for a traffic violation. 

WBTV spoke to two of the women in the accident. They asked to remain anonymous out of fear for their safety. 

"I just thought we were dead, to be honest," one said. 

The women said they were headed to the mall to buy outfits for a birthday celebration. Investigators said Funderburk hit them and took off running. 

"I had blood from my nose to my neck... The day before my birthday," the second woman said. 

It didn't take officers long to find Funderburk hiding in the woods nearby. Along with the hit and run charges, Funderburk also had arrest warrants issued for him last July for cutting off his ankle monitor. The electronic monitor was a stipulation of his bond release last March. 

"You didn't know if you left us dead or alive in the car. That's my thing. I have a son to come home to," the woman said. 

Funderburk's arrest was welcome news to the women, but they're not convinced he'll stay behind bars. WBTV looked into Funderburk's record and found charges like robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted kidnapping and breaking and entering. We were able to count nearly 40 charges on his record, but found more than half of them had been dismissed.

"Why [do] you keep letting a criminal out that keeps doing things," one of the women asked. 

Funderburk is back in jail facing new charges like felony hit and run and eluding arrest. Because of those pending charges, the Mecklenburg County Court System and the District Attorney's Office told WBTV they were unable to comment when asked if he could weigh in on Funderburk's release and dismissals. 

The women involved in the crash hope a sentence finally sticks Funderburk behind bars for good.

"What if he would have killed us? That day I could have lost my life. Punish him the way that he should be punished," the women said.

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