Crime Stoppers: Snow storm stick-up

Police looking for motel robber

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police are looking for a man responsible for a stick-up at a motel just when Charlotte was dealing with a snowstorm.

While you were watching snowflakes pile up, one man in military camouflage walked into the Super 8 Motel on Sunset Boulevard, asking the clerk for two rooms for the night.

No sooner did the clerk turn her back, he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a Glock handgun. He threatened her with it and demanded money saying, "give me everything or I'll take it."

Detective Tori Roddey noticed something about the surveillance video of the robbery.

"You can see he has his finger on the trigger the whole time," the detective pointed out.

This man didn't say much, but his gun spoke plenty as he forced the clerk to fork over the cash drawer.

"What's interesting out of all this, Paul - this guy looks like he's got BDU's on. Military BDU's. Not just a jacket but a full outfit, military outfit," Detective Roddey said.

He's also got a recognizable hat on that reads, "swaggy."

And what does the word "swaggy" mean?

"It's an urban term that suggests, 'I have a lot of swag,'" the detective explained.

The amount of swag he has is debatable, but he was definitely cool and calculating. "I don't think this is his first time."

He also wore no disguise and didn't seem worried about getting caught - as if he was sure he could make a getaway on nearby I-77.

"Might have just been making his way through because he has accomplices in the car waiting on him to come out."

That car was a dark colored 4-door, possibly a Chevy Impala.

Have you seen him or that "swaggy" hat? Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. You won't have to leave your name and your could earn a cash reward.

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