BLOG: Warming trends and weather maps

BLOG: Warming trends and weather maps

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - My Blog is short on words and long on pictures this time. See the accompanying images which depict the location of the fronts and the associated air masses over the next week. Notice the time stamp in the upper right corner, so try and view them in order.

The primary takeaway you'll notice is we never get that far away from any particular frontal boundary over the next several days. That is one reason why you'll see a chance of showers on virtually every day for the second half of the week and into the weekend. But watch closely where Charlotte lands exactly on each day. Some days we are barely north of the main boundary which keeps us in cooler air.

But on many days, we are just south of the main boundary (could be a cold front, a warm front, or a stationary front) which keeps in the warmer air.

Friday looks like the peak day for mild air as we might break into the 70s. Hard to believe we could see those Spring-like temperatures while I'm looking out the window watching the ice melting.

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