World's 4th smallest preemie turns 5 years old

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Five years ago Nikki and Sam Moore were taking things one day, and even one hour, at a time. Doctors had suggested their daughter, Kenna, who was born at 9.6 ounces, might not survive.

"I told the doctors - don't say 'if,' say 'when,'" Nikki said of her attitude towards her daughter's survival.

Kenna was born 16 weeks too early at Novant Hospital in Charlotte. She is the 4th smallest preemie in the world, weighing less than a can of soda at birth.

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While she's faced a mountain of medical battles, Kenna just celebrated her 5th birthday and is thriving as a little girl. She's talking more now with weekly speech therapy, while physical and occupational therapy helps her with her coordination and fine motor skills.

Tuesday morning, Kenna showed WBTV her new "big-girl bed" adorned with Minnie Mouse dolls. While her mother told us about her daughter's many triumphs, Kenna played quietly with a toy tree house.

"These other babies come out and they can already breathe, and they're already nursing from their mothers and bottles," Nikki said. "Kenna had to learn how to do every single one of those things - and she did it."

With constant doctors appointments and therapy sessions, life with Kenna hasn't been without its struggles, but her mother puts into perfect words just how wonderful it truly is.

"This isn't easy, but it's so worth it because the other options were much less favorable," Nikki said. "I would much rather be going to therapy three times a week and multiple doctor visits than visiting a cemetery."

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