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LMPD officers to help with presidential inauguration security

President-elect Donald Trump (Source: WAVE 3 News file photo) President-elect Donald Trump (Source: WAVE 3 News file photo)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president on January 20th. Hundreds of thousands of people will be in Washington to witness this event and because this was such a divisive election, you can expect plenty of supporters, protestors, and law enforcement in the capital.

Forty-six LMPD officers will be going to the presidential inauguration. This the fourth time LMPD has sent their own since the 2003 merger.

DC officials are expecting 800 to 900 thousand people for the 58th presidential inauguration. You can expect more police there as well. 

Lt. Gary Burman is in charge of the detail of the LMPD officers heading to DC. The 46 officers going are from various units and divisions.

"They were hand selected," LMPD Lt. Gary Burman said.

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Burman said the officers were selected by merit. Planning for the inauguration detail has been in the works since April 2016.

"A lot of people go for the history part of it," Lt. Burman said. "Your name will be part of the historical record. You have a front row seat to history. You are right there on the parade route, you'll see the president at least twice when he comes up and down the parade route."

Lt. Burman said it's a lot of work. Sixteen hour days and dealing with the cold. Their focus will be crowd control.

"Focus will be a block positioned in front of the FBI building," Lt. Burman said.

Burman said this inauguration will be different from years past.

"We're hearing a lot more possibility of protest," Burman said. "We're bringing in gear that we might need, should things turn bad. We're taking gas masks."

Lt. Burman said they don't expect to use them but, plan to be prepared.

"We get sworn in by US Marshals so we have federal arrest powers if needed," Lt. Burman said.

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The LMPD officers will be leaving Louisville on Wednesday, January 18th and will return on the 21st. LT. Burman said since Louisville will be without 46 officers for four days, other officers have changed their days off and shifted their schedules to make sure areas are covered.

The 2017 celebration will cost an estimated $175 million to $200 million. That total includes the official parties and dinners, the concert, the swearing-in at the Capitol, the parade, the inaugural balls and all the police, military and security personnel required to keep everyone safe.

About $70 million will come from private donations, and the taxpayers will foot the rest of the bill.

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