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New Year, New Car Paint Job!

Get a new car paint job for the New Year!

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new car paint job new car paint job

What’s the best way to start a new year? A lot of people like to make a fresh start at the beginning of a new year. Maybe you get a new job, new clothes, or a new place to live. What about a new paint job on your car? It may be nice to get a completely new car, but that’s not always financially possible. However, getting a fresh car paint job makes your car look like new!

Why should you get a new car paint job?

A new car paint job is a great way to help you boost the resale value of your car and keep it in great shape. If the paint on your vehicle is faded, chipped, or peeling – you’re running the risk of rust, irreparable damage, and a drastic decrease in the worth of your car. To prevent losing money and the slow destruction of your car, get a fresh start in 1417 with a fresh car paint job in Charlotte!

If you’re giving your car a totally new look, you’re left with a big decision – what color? When you’re choosing a color for a new car paint job in Charlotte, it’s important you consider a few important factors like:


Choosing a color that’s going to protect you on the road is something important to keep in mind. According to researchers, you are three times more likely to be in a car accident at night when driving a black car than a white car. Cars with lighter colors like white and silver are more easily seen at night, lessening the chance of a collision.


Unfortunately, car burglary and car theft are factors to consider when choosing the color for your car paint job. Typically, cars with more mainstream colors (silver, white, blue, black) are more likely to be a target for car thieves and burglars.

Resale Value

Before you select a color, think about how long you plan to hold onto this car. If you’re thinking about selling it in a couple of years, consider selecting an average color and avoiding any unique colors or patterns. Bright colors or patterns may thin out the future buying pool for your car.

Visit our Charlotte Toyota Collision Center!

Maybe you just have some scratches or scrapes from a careless driver who parked a bit too close! If you’re looking to touch up the damage and get your car back to 100 percent, our Toyota Collision Center in Charlotte also offers partial car paint jobs.

Our Charlotte auto body shop experts make sure your car looks perfect, even matching exact paint codes to ensure your car looks the same all over. With help from our Toyota Certified Collision Center in Charlotte, no one will ever know those pesky scrapes and scratches were there.

Feel confident in the New Year with a car that looks great! To get started on your car’s makeover, give our auto body shop in Charlotte a call and schedule an appointment. (888) 732-5310

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