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WEATHER: Winter Storm Watch for all counties south of I-40 Friday night into Saturday

GARLAND, N.C. (AP) - -

* Dry and Chilly Today
* Winter Storm Watch
* Friday/Saturday Snow for the rest

A WINTER STORM WATCH now posted for the Southern Piedmont - all counties south of I-40, including Char-Meck - for Friday night and Saturday morning.

In terms of the outbreak of snow expected Friday night and Saturday, the latest data as this morning continues to fluctuate appreciably with respect to final snowfall accumulations.  But what it is not doing is suggesting we might miss the snow.  

The biggest remaining question is the over/under which we're setting at 3"now.  Will the snow amounts remain below 3", or could they go higher?

The answer remains elusive and, as always, it will depend on where you live, and on the final track of the storm's center.  The highest odds at this point would point to lighter snow amounts northwest of Charlotte, and heavier amounts southeast of Charlotte.  This is due to the storm's southerly track over north Florida Friday night and then offshore Saturday morning.

The outset of the precipitation Friday evening may indeed be rain, shifting to wet snow later that night and eventually snow by Saturday morning as colder air continues to seep in.

So at this early point, still two days in advance, our highest confidence puts areas northwest of Charlotte across the Catawba Valley and Foothills in a 1" - 2" range right now.  If you live closer to Charlotte and in our eastern and southeastern sections, 2" - 4" is our best estimate at this time.  Keep in mind, this is still subject to change and it is entirely possible amounts could be higher.  

We continue to work hard on getting a better handle on this system (which honestly hasn't even developed yet!) so stick with us for frequent updates.

Meteorologist Al Conklin

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