Crime Stoppers: Store robbed at gunpoint twice in two days

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A convenience store was the target of two robberies in two days. Police now believe the same man was responsible for both stick-ups.

The first happened at 3:40 a.m. at the Sam's Mart on Statesville Road in north Charlotte.

Two men were spotted on surveillance in the parking lot. One asked the clerk to unlock the door and let him use the ATM.

"At first he wasn't going to let him in," said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey. "But he decided to let him in because of another guy outside that he recognized that comes in the store frequently, so if he's with this guy, he should be fine."

He wasn't fine. After pretending to use the ATM, the crook saw the clerk turn his back. He pulled out a black handgun, ran around the counter and demanded money from the register.

The crook took cash, cigarettes and cell phones so the clerk couldn't call police. But during his cash grab, he mishandled several bills.

"He keeps dropping the money," Detective Roddey said. "This guy was kind of shaky, he dropped the money twice."

Detective Roddey believes it was nerves due to inexperience. Yet, the crook knew when to keep his face away from the surveillance.

"He backs out and he knows there's a camera sitting up there, so he keeps his head down he whole entire robbery."

Two days later it's the same store, but this time it's early evening. He rushes in with his gun drawn and frightens the night clerk.

We asked Roddey if that was the same guy.

"We're thinking it's the same guy," the detective said. "Just some general things - his posture, his size, the way he knew about the camera angle to keep his head."

This time, instead of fumbling with loose bills, he steals the whole cash drawer and disappears down Nevin Road.

"Probably because he took so long to get the cash, this time he just took the whole register."

He's described as having a full beard and dreadlock braids under his toboggan.

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