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BLOG: Snow for the weekend?


It’s a possibility!

Since this past weekend, models have been hinting at the possibility of winter weather for next weekend. Actually, some have been screaming. That has been the problem. They basically aren’t agreeing on anything. That’s what makes our job tough sometimes.

Here’s where we stand for now...

The GFS model (the American model) is the one that has been causing the most trouble. This time yesterday it was indicating we could see 1-2 feet! 24 hours later and it’s looking more like an inch or so. 

Then there’s the European model. It wasn’t bringing us much of anything yesterday. Today, according to that model, we would get closer to 1-2”. For now, that’s what we’re leaning toward.

Here’s the setup - a low should be forming in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday. It looks like it will track from the Gulf Coast to the Carolina Coast, with most of the heaviest precipitationitation remaining to our southeast. Here’s the thing - cold air is also moving in from the north. We will only reach the low 40s for highs on Friday. Then we drop to the 30s overnight and may continue to fall through the 20s on Saturday. That’s obviously cold enough for snow.

Here’s the other thing - even though the bulk of the precipitation will be to the southeast of us, when you’re talking about snow, a little precip goes a long way. The rain to snow ratio certainly varies depending on the temperature, but just using an average 10:1 ratio, two-tenths of an inch of rain could bring two inches of snow. 

An amount you wouldn’t give much thought as rain can really alter your day when it falls as snow.

This is certainly something we are watching all week long. We’ll keep you updated as the models “hopefully” begin to come into better agreement.

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