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BLOG: Severe weather possible Monday night. Be safe with our weather app


We’ve had a good helping of rain so far in 2017, and we could double our total Monday night. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it could potentially come in the form of severe weather.

Yes, I know it’s January. The severe potential is low, but it’s not zero. The main problem is that if there are any warnings, they will likely happen while most of us are asleep late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. You won’t likely have your television on or be looking at your phone.

We have an app for that - it’s the WBTV First Alert Weather app. It will send out any warnings in your area. You can also check the radar here. You can even loop it so you can get an idea of how fast the storms are moving and when the worst of it is out of your neighborhood.

Obviously, if there is a tornado warning, we will also be on WBTV with full coverage.

**One thing to remember - we will send out warnings. To make sure you hear them if you’re asleep, keep your phone’s volume on before you go to bed or check your phone settings to make sure it will still alert you.

If you don't have our free First Alert Weather app, you can download it here or search for "WBTV" in your app store.

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