Crimestoppers: Police hope Cinderella evidence will lead them to killer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A $6,000 reward is being offered for a baffling murder.

A young man was shot dead at his apartment complex for no obvious reason, but police uncovered important evidence that may lead to a shooter.

"He walked over this berm, and walked down into the pine needles here," CMPD's Matt Hefner said. Hefner is the lead detective on the case.

It was barely dark, middle of the week when 22-year old Thomas Randall McDonald headed inside his place with a bag of fast food.

"Based on how he looked, we believe he fought with someone and was shot during that fight." WBTV asked Detective Hefner what he thinks the shooting was over.  "We have no idea."

McDonald's friends heard the gunshots and found him in the stairwell.  By all accounts, he was a likable young man.

"He was so sweet, everybody loved him," according to step-sister Audrey Toscano-Davis. "If you would have asked anybody what was this going to happen to him-- absolutely not, no one in their right mind would have thought that."

McDonald was a former athlete at Butler high and had a steady job. His step-sister and mother, Tracey Willis, want answers.

Why would someone shoot a young man for no apparent reason?

"We don't know," said Toscano-Davis.  "That's what we don't know.  That's what just bothers us. He didn't have problems, he didn't have enemies, he was just getting his food and coming home."

It's a mystery, but there is a glimmer of hope.

Detective Hefner told me he has evidence.  "Actually we have a shoe that belongs to no one here."

So, the person who shot him apparently ran away with only one shoe on.

"One shoe on, a pair of black and white Nike Air Jordan tennis shoes."

The detective wants people to think back to the early evening of December 7.

"Somebody came home with one shoe on. Some mother saw her son with one shoe on. Someone came to school without their normal shoes the next day."

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help the family raise a reward which stands at $6,000.  Call Crime Stoppers at (704)334-1600 if you know of anyone who was missing a basketball shoe on December 7th.

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