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BLOG: Unexpected gift from the heart. #MollysKids

(Molly Grantham | WBTV) (Molly Grantham | WBTV)

A) I’ve never been a beauty queen.
B) I am no beauty queen.
C) This crown arrived today from a very special girl.

Abigale Smuda sent it from Lancaster, South Carolina. She’s one of our amazing #MollysKids. She has been battling a rare disease called HAE. Hereditary Angioedema.

This unique gift is a huge surprise. I'm blown away.

15-year-old Abigale is in pageants and does well, despite HAE affecting her face, throat, eyes and mouth and sometimes causing swelling. She won Miss Pre-Teen South Carolina in Myrtle Beach and went to nationals this summer.

Past posts about Abigale talked about her illness and ultimately -- because of all the exceptional comments from people who cared -- helped her find a great specialist. The posts helped her network with others who understand her HAE battle.

Out of nowhere today, Abigale sends a package wrapped in duct tape. (Picture attached. It's hysterical. It went through the mail like that.) There was a beautiful, sparkly, heavy tiara inside the box, along with a card. I was confused at first. I didn’t get it.

Then I got to the last two sentences of her handwritten note.

“Please accept one of my crowns because you are a Queen in my eyes and heart. Thank you for #MollysKids.”

Melted. Me. I was melted. Abigale, I will wear it proudly. You really didn't need to do that, but I am deeply touched. 

Also, not sure WBTV will allow it at 11pm, but I'm putting it on in commercial breaks tonight to remind Paul Cameron, Eric Thomas and Delano Little who’s boss.

Thank you, Abigale. Your gift from the heart makes me feel magical.


PS – To read more on Abigale:

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- #MollysKids

PPS - I apologize to Brigida Mack who has had to sit across from me today. She took this picture.

PPPS – Don’t anyone tell Parker. This one's mine.

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