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Morning Motivation: What is a seed?

(Source: Unsplash) (Source: Unsplash)

Until a seed is planted, it will only be a seed. The life of what it becomes, once planted in the right soil, it's growth is trapped within the seed, awaiting the pressure to escape the shell which is holding it down.

Everything alive today has a seed embedded within it.

The key is planting it in the right soil so that it can bloom. However, there is a process to helping it grow:

  1. The seed must be planted in the right soil.
  2. The seed must be watered.
  3. The seed must die so that it can live.
  4. The seed must be crushed so that it can escape.
  5. The seed will bloom at its appointed time. 

These are the steps to releasing your dream seed. Until you are planted you will not bloom. Get your life moving in the dream direction today!

Coach LaMonte

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