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Take on driving on ice with our tips

N Charlotte Toyota tips for driving on ice

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The time of year is here! The temperatures are dropping and soon you'll be experiencing snow, sleet and even ice. If driving on ice is new to you, it's important that you're properly prepared. It is very different and much more dangerous than driving on normal roads. Before you take on winter weather on the road, make sure you know tips for safe driving on ice!

5 Tips for Safe Driving on Ice

  • Reduce your speed and slow down immensely on icy roads. The faster you drive the less traction your tires will be able to keep with the ground.
  • Avoid sudden braking and slamming on your brakes can cause your tires to lock up, which will make your car slide and lose control on the ice.
  • Avoid stopping on hills and try not to lose any momentum and traction you have while driving on ice. Stopping on a hill could cause you to roll backward.
  • Turn slowly and gently make left and right-hand turns. Quick turns on ice can lead to fishtailing and loss of control.
  • Do not use cruise control; cruise control is helpful on long, open highways. However, you should not use cruise control is conditions like traffic, rain, and ice! If you hydroplane, cruise control can make it worse by trying to keep your vehicle at a constant speed.

Stay safe on the road in your N Charlotte Toyota!

If it's possible, our N Charlotte Toyota safe driving experts recommend avoiding driving on ice all together. It's a lot easier to avoid danger and risk when you stay away from it! Spotting icy roads can be tricky, but there are a few signs to look out for:

  • Black ice is most common during early mornings or at night and while the sun is not out. 
  • Ice can form at the end of tunnels and under trees; places where sunlight can't quite reach.
  • Bridges, overpasses, and roads under overpasses tend to have more ice because cold air can pass over and under.

Look closely for ice on the roads and use safe driving techniques to avoid it. However, not all ice can be detected. If you do hit a patch of ice on the road, our safe driving experts near Charlotte want to remind you to stay calm! It's best to let your car handle the slip naturally; do NOT slam on the brakes and do your best to keep the steering wheel straight. Slow down by taking your foot off of the accelerator, and shift into a lower gear if possible. If you have lost control of your N Charlotte Toyota, do your best to steer it into the direction of safe place to stop and away from any collisions.

Driving on ice is very different than any other drive time, so itís crucial that you know how to safely handle your vehicle on slippery road conditions. For more tips on how to stay safe while driving on ice, visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road!

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