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BLOG: Coldest morning in 10 months for Charlotte area

(Source: Lyndsay Tapases | WBTV) (Source: Lyndsay Tapases | WBTV)

We officially dropped all the way down to 18° at the Charlotte airport this morning, making it the coldest morning since hitting 17° on Feb 11th., almost 10 months to the day! 

Now to be fair, we were only at this temperature for about 20 minutes right before sunrise, and spent most of the morning in the 20's.

But, it will still go down as the official low of the morning.

For reference, the average low for the date is 33° and the record is 13° set back in 1917. 

One factor that contributed to the frigid start this morning was the lack of wind.

Any time there is a calm wind, coupled with a clear sky and dry air, it makes for ideal cooling conditions.

So while the lack of wind allowed our morning temperature to plummet, it will actually help the afternoon "feel" warmer. 

Of course, warm is a relative term at this point.

Yesterday we hit a high of 45° but had wind chills in the 30's almost the entire day.

Today, we won't have the wind chill factor, so our high of 45° will actually feel like 45°.

Not exactly warm, but still an improvement over Friday!

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