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Christmas Tree tips from Pike's Nursery

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We're getting down to the wire, you may have already purchased your Christmas tree for the year. If you haven't, Pike's Nursery has some helpful tips in picking that perfect tree from your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

  • Purchase a Christmas tree that is kept in a shady, protected area.
  • Uncovered Christmas trees get a lot of direct sunlight which dries the tree out.
  • Being exposed to wind and rain can make fresh cut trees drop needles faster
  • Look at the Christmas tree from all angles to make sure it is uniform and there aren’t broken branches or grabs.
  • At Pike Nurseries,the trees are standing up in stands, so you can see them from every angle
  • The tree should have a healthy green color
  • When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold fast and be flexible. A Christmas tree with stiff and brittle needles is too dry and will turn brown and drop needles very quickly

If your tree is already picked out and decorated, we all want to make sure it stays beautiful and fresh for the rest of the month.

How to Keep Your Tree Fresh

  • Keep it Watered! It’s easy to forget to water your tree, but it’s the most important part of making sure your tree lasts all season long
  • Add tree preservative (Prolong). It helps the tree take up water so it stays fresh
  • Keep it away from heat vents or the fireplace. Too much heat will make your tree dry out faster

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