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Surviving your office holiday party

    It's the holiday season and that means your office holiday party may be right around the corner. Research shows that approximately 65% of employers plan to host a holiday or end-of-year party. From the extravagant to a more simplistic theme, It's a great chance to mingle with your co-workers and let loose outside normal work hours. But remember, balance is key. Sidney Minter, attorney with the Charlotte office of Fisher Phillips, stopped by WBTV News Sunday Morning to talk about survival tips to keep it classy during the office holiday party season.

    According to Minter, there are eight tips you can follow before you get dressed for the event, whether you're an employee or employer.

1.      Serving Alcohol is a Big Risk
2.      Office Holiday Parties should be voluntary, not mandatory
3.      Adults Need Chaperones Too
4.      Work Rules Apply
5.      Offer Transportation (from the event for employees)
6.      Do Not Use Mistletoe as decor
7.      Be Prepared for Social Media
8.      Have fun, but use good common sense

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