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CMPD chief focuses on moving community forward, Tunnel blasting scheduled for I-77 toll lanes this weekend - DETAILS on WBTV


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The conversation continues in the Charlotte community about the outcome of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting case. There were no protests last night. Instead, a meeting was held at a local library to have a discussion on moving forward and getting a better understanding when it comes to police and community relations.

Involved in that conversation was Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney. He had a lot to say. WBTV's Micah Smith is live right now to share was exchanged in that conversation, including how best to repair community relations. (Micah is the newest member of the WBTV morning team!)

The I-77 toll lane construction now will involved blasting. Surprised? A lot of people didn't know that was happening or why blasting work needs to be done. We found out why they're doing it and will share those details on air.

ARTICLE: Tunnel blasting scheduled for I-77 toll lanes in Charlotte

Tornado confirmed! If you were like me a couple nights ago, you were watching WBTV as those tornado warnings were coming in for the area. Our weather team was spot on when they spotted circulation on the radar that was consistent with tornadic activity. The National Weather Service confirmed that Charlotte was hit an EF1 tornado. We're pinpointing where it all happened.

WILDFIRES: We have new developments to tell you about for both the western North Carolina wildfires and the one in Tennessee. You won't believe what the suspect, who's accused of the setting the NC wildfire in the mountains, said about why he allegedly started the fire. And sadly, the death toll has risen in the Gatlinburg, TN wildfires.

TOYS FOR TOTS! It's the that time of year. We're excited to team up with Toys for Tots again this year to make Christmas special for kids in needs. We can't do it without YOU though! WBTV's Mark Davenport is on location this morning with all the details you need to know to donate toys. It's so easy to help so make sure you catch his live reports at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.

WEATHER CHANGES: Wear a jacket this morning! It's colder outside and you will feel the difference! WBTV Meteorologist Al Conklin says don't expect a big warm up into the 70s like it felt yesterday. He'll have the most accurate forecast updates every seven minutes so you're prepared.

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