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Measuring social media's impact on the Keith Lamont Scott case

(Source: Scott family) (Source: Scott family)

Protests in uptown Charlotte again underscored the reach and impact of social media connected to the Keith Lamont Scott case. 

Hours before the group Charlotte Uprising put out its call for people to meet, District Attorney Andrew Murray said no charges would be filed against CMPD Officer Brentley Vinson in Scott's death.

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Murray on Wednesday said violent demonstrations had much to do with distortions and a clear lack of the facts.

"There were a lot of false narratives out there," Murray said. "Social media picked up on it. It ran rampant. It had nothing to do with the real facts."

WBTV security expert Karl De La Guerra said community sentiment found at the crime crime scene becomes a believable story line.

"It is very, very difficult for law enforcement to get ahead of that public curve of information right now," De La Guerra said. "As soon as that first Facebook post or social media post goes out, we begin the sculpting of public opinion."

Several tweets said a gun was planted at the crime scene, and another said Scott was fatally wounded by more than one officer. Those statements were false.

Woody Daniels, who occupies a chair at the shop that had an instrumental role with the Cops and Barbers program, agrees that false narratives fueled much of the unrest that unfolded. However, he feels much of what Murray released needed to come sooner.

"Social media caused a big stir-up. The facts didn't come out and they went down and protested and someone lost their life behind it," Daniels said.

District Attorney Murray worries that there is a misguided rush to judgment.

"We should not jump to conclusions until we have all of the facts," he said. De La Guerra sees it the same way.

"I can understand the frustration of the public not being able to get as much information as they want," he said. "There are a tremendous amount of guidelines law enforcement must follow in order to maintain the integrity of that investigation.”

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