Crime Stoppers: Rookie robbers strike on Black Friday

Crime Stoppers: Robbers strike on Black Friday

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Black Friday was lucrative for local malls, but very costly for a video parlor on North Tryon which got robbed of thousands just minutes after the security guard got off work.

"Instead of hitting the malls, they hit this video parlor," said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey.

They hit it at 6:28 a.m. the morning after Thanksgiving. A man outside the Aquarium on North Tryon is seen on surveillance smoking a cigarette. He is stunned to see a man with a shotgun running in his direction.

"He's shocked, definitely," Detective Roddey said. "He's smoking a cigarette, not expecting a guy coming around with a shotgun."

The security guard had just left work when two well-disguised men rush in with a shotgun and go straight to the office. Detective Roddey thinks they looked mighty jumpy.

"I've seen serial robbers, and they're a whole lot more calm when they're going through the robbery," he said. "These guys seemed like they might be new. Even without seeing their faces and their hands you could tell there was a lot of tension. Hurrying to get out. Just nervous."

So nervous that when the female clerk didn't open the cash register fast enough, the crook with the shotgun poked her in the back of the head to make her hurry up. They eventually walk out with more than $2,000 in cash.

But Detective Roddey believes because they are rookie robbers, they're bound to make a mistake.

"Guys like this, they're going to brag. They're going to spend this money out in a flashy way, so maybe somebody knows something about this robbery and can give us some information."

Detective Roddey wants them caught and stopped before a poke in the head becomes a possible pulling of a trigger. Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Reward money is available and your name won't be divulged.

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