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Former headmaster sentenced for stealing $9 million from school, church

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The former headmaster of a parochial school in Huntersville was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing from the school and affiliated church.

Officials say Wayne Parker, Jr., 57, stole nearly $9 million from the school and church.

After being released from prison. Parker will also have to serve three years of court supervision and pay back the $9 million that was stolen.

Parker became headmaster of the school in 1996 and had control over its finances and bank accounts.

According to court documents, Parker was stealing money from about January 2000 to August 2014. He used the money to pay for his own personal expenses and the expenses of someone else who has not been identified.

To hide his theft from the school, over the years he opened around 29 bank accounts, had 26 credit cards, seven loans and nine limited liability companies.

In 2014 leaders in the church became suspicious of Parker's activities and called for an independent audit. 

Court documents say that Parker then stole and destroyed the school financial records to attempt to prevent officials from discovering his embezzlement.

His five-year sentence will be served without the possibility of parole.

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