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Scott family to meet with District Attorney


Wednesday morning Rakeyia Scott will likely walk into a meeting with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney holding a list of questions about the shooting death of her husband by a police officer.

It’s expected that the DA will review the investigative findings with the family and reveal a decision on whether any criminal charges will be filed.

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brently Vinson in September. Officer Vinson was responding with other officers to serve a search warrant at Scott’s apartment complex in a separate case.

CMPD says the officers observed Scott with a marijuana blunt and handgun and that’s why they approached him. Chief Kerr Putney says Scott ignored repeated commands to drop the gun. Scott’s family says their loved one never had a gun and that he lived with a traumatic brain injury.

The shooting sparked protests several days in uptown Charlotte, which proved violent and deadly. One protestor was killed and several businesses were vandalized. The community outcry pushed city leaders to address protesters’ concerns over equality, especially for the black community. Within weeks, city council started working on a plan to create more opportunity for better jobs, housing, and education.

Scott family attorney Charles Monnett said expects the meeting to take time, as his clients are given an opportunity to ask questions of DA Andrew Murray and his homicide team leader, Bill Stetzer.

Monnett said some of the questions at the top of his mind include: Why did officer Vinson choose that moment to fire his gun? What was the threat he thought he saw? Where was the gun police say Scott had? Where does Officer Vinson say the gun was?

Charlotte defense attorney James Exum is not involved in the Scott case, but he believes it’s unlikely the DA will bring criminal charges against Officer Vinson.

“I would be shocked if they made charges,” said Exum. “The Chief has very strongly defended his officers from the beginning. I hope that means the Chief has information available to him that the public has not seen."

He says it’s important for the DA to share as much information as possible to put integrity behind the final decision. “We can all disagree,” he said, “but the facts need to be shared.”

In addition to the decision on criminal charges, the Scott family also awaits a decision by the Internal Affairs Unit of CMPD on whether any disciplinary action will be taken against the officers.

It’s also possible the Scott family will file a civil lawsuit.

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