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Brady Bunch mom dies, shoppers fill stores

Good morning!  If you're up this early you either have to work, or you're among the thousands and thousands of people who decided they would take advantage of Black Friday deals.  Either way, Kristen Miranda here...and Ben Williamson, Michael Clark, Chris Larson and I will have you covered.

We start with sad news, though.  The woman who played Carol Brady - the mom on the Brady Bunch - has died.  We're hearing Florence Henderson hadn't been sick so family and friends were surprised by her death Thursday.  We'll be looking back on her career this morning.

Of course we are covering Black Friday shopping.  One of our photographers has spent the night hopping from store to store so we can show you what it looks like out there...and Michael Clark will have live reports from the middle of it all at one of the busiest shopping spots we've seen.

Plus, we have some good news about the North Carolina wildfires.  We'll show you how local communities have taken care of the hundreds of firefighters from around the country here to help put out the flames.

We're not even halfway through a long holiday weekend so there's plenty to talk about.  We hope you'll get your day started with us.  Chris and I will see you at 4:30am, Ben and Michael will head in at 5:00am.  See you when you get up and get moving!


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