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Gov. McCrory files for recount against Roy Cooper in gubernatorial race


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory says he has officially filed for a recount in the gubernatorial race against Roy Cooper from earlier this month.

McCrory's campaign sent out a press release Tuesday afternoon saying McCrory, a Republican, was joining Chuck Stuber, candidate for state auditor, in "officially filing for a statewide recount Tuesday morning."

"With serious concerns of potential voter fraud emerging across the state, it is becoming more apparent that a thorough recount is one way the people of North Carolina can have confidence in the results, process and system," a portion of McCrory's letter to the State Board of Elections reads.

DOCUMENT: Read the full letter from McCrory to the State Board of Elections

Unofficial vote totals posted on the state board website Tuesday morning show Cooper leads McCrory, the incumbent, by 5,923 votes. Either candidate had the legal right to demand a recount if the margin is 10,000 or less after all votes have been counted and certified by county parties.

The campaign manager for Cooper, a Democrat, released a statement shortly after the news broke.

"This is nothing but a last-ditch effort from Governor McCrory to delay and deny the results of this election," said campaign manager Trey Nix. "Roy Cooper leads by 8,569 votes – a number that is growing daily as counties finalize election results. We are confident that a recount will do nothing to change the fact that Roy Cooper has won this election.”

Republicans connected to the McCrory campaign previously filed protests and challenges in 52 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, some of those have already been dismissed by the county boards.

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