Morning Motivation: The holiday spirit

Morning Motivation: The holiday spirit

(WBTV) - Every year around this time so many of find it in our hearts to turn on the switch and give more, love more, embrace more and forgive more.

We blame this on the season at hand, the holiday spirit which completely overtakes us.

Today, there are three mindsets which are essential for the holiday season.

  1. Have a mind of patience. Around this time of year impatience can grow on us drastically. Learn the power of patience so that you don't rob yourself of a holiday blessing.
  2. Have a mind of forgiveness. If there has ever been a time to forgive now is the time. The holidays tend to be a time which soften offenses and lead others to repentance.
  3. Have a mind to love all. With a world filled with hate use this opportunity to steer the conversation towards one of love and acceptance.

When you condition your mind to these mindsets you can ensure that your holiday season will be an enjoyable and successful one!

- Coach LaMonte

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