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Report: Teen sexually assaulted near dormitory on Winthrop campus

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A teenager said she was sexually assaulted on Winthrop's campus last month near an all-women's dormitory.

According to Winthrop University, the school's police department was notified Thursday that a woman, 18, had reported being sexually assaulted last month near a dormitory.

The woman told police she was behind Bancroft by Margaret Nance and Owens Hall October 29 at 9:30 p.m. when the purported assault happened. Margaret Nance is a women’s dormitory.

Campus Police Chief Frank Zebedis said the victim didn’t make a report until November 17th, and they got the word out immediately.

"Our priority obviously is the notification of the campus. To let our campus, know what took place, because at this time we don't have any individual. We don't have a suspect," he said.

The woman told campus police that she was looking for a friend's lost keys in the grass of the courtyard when a man approached her. She attempted to walk away, according to the report, when she stumbled and fell to the ground.

Students like Leah McMillian feel safety is now top of mind.

"I always try to check out my surroundings and not pay too much attention to my phone, especially at night. And that's made me more aware," McMillian said.

Students say reducing the risk of being attacked means walking in pairs after dark and seeking out campus escorts.

Meanwhile, Chief Zebedis offers this explanation about why time elapsed before the crime was reported.

"Victims respond to things differently,” Zebedis said at a news conference. ”Victims report differently. So at the point the victim came to a university official and she felt comfortably to do so."

According to police man reportedly got on top of the victim and forced her to perform a sexual act on him. He then ran away from the area.

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