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Blog: Charlotte breast cancer fighter remembered for strength in face of adversity

(Molly Grantham | WBTV) (Molly Grantham | WBTV)

The regal Reba Whaley. A queen in every way.

Earlier this week, 48-year-old Reba lost her battle with breast cancer. Reba and I met because she was active in Susan G. Komen Charlotte and let all of us follow her journey. We did a few stories together. She always talked in a raw way, with a huge smile.

This picture was right before Hutch was born in 2014. I was as big as a house, she was bald as could be. We met after she had a radiation appointment. And yet, look at her. Vibrant.

When Reba's cancer returned in 2014, her first thought was, "This isn't fair. I did my thing already. I shouldn't have to fight again."

A few days later she said she'd changed her tune.

"I decided I didn't want cancer to suck the life out of me," she said. "I chose to instead say, 'You're a parasite. I'm the Host. I got the power.' I just took it from there."

I share those words now in the hopes those who love Reba hear her voice. Despite what she was handed, she embraced life with spunk and grace.

I'm loving this picture even more this morning.

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