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Avoiding the holiday lapse with Burn Bootcamp

Ryne Robinson, Head Trainer for Burn Bootcamp Ft. Mill stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to educate viewers on what they can do to avoid the extra holiday weight gain. He was joined by Ashley Vacher, Lauren Solomon, and Shannon Kline (Owner of the Ft. Mill location).

Avoiding the Holiday Lapse!
1. Eating during the holidays
   A. Portion control
   B. Having a plan for parties
   C. Pooling calories 

2. Fitness routine 
 A. Something is better than nothing at all!
 B. Use your environment 
 C. Have the family join!

3. Top Holiday break home exercises 
  A. Jump squats 
  B. For Burpees 
  C. Starfish Crunch
  D. Push-ups
  E. Lunges 

For more information:
Visit the Burn Bootcamp-Fort Mill Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Burnbootcampfortmill/) and the BurnTVChannel YouTube page for direct resources to access a visual. 

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