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How you can stay prepared ahead of potential freeze

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The weather has not felt like the middle of November, but that may change this weekend.

Plumbers and technicians have been busy today, helping people make sure they are ready for the cold temperatures this weekend.

"I usually do about 3-4 services a day on top of the other breakdowns we have so, yes, I stay busy. It is very common and a very good idea," said Andy Breuer, with Acosta Heating and Cooling.

Checking heating units, insulating pipes, covering plants. Eldon Floyd with Rightway Plumbing says the most important thing this weekend can be done with the couple twists of the wrist.

“Remove the hoses from the outside faucets. If water is in that hose it will freeze back into the wall so that is probably the biggest thing,” said Floyd.

The temperatures this weekend will not be cold enough for the need to drip faucets but it can be done as a precaution.

“If you have had an issue in the past. In the 20’s. If you have never had an issue, unless it gets in the teen or single digits," said Floyd.

If you are cranking up the heating unit for the first time in months, its always good to get it looked at.

"People think just because they do not have a gas furnace they do not have to worry about it. If it is a heat pump that is all electrical, so those electrical components can cause a risk," said Breuer.

It is simple things that can be done in minutes and may prevent a huge headache down the road.

“It can vary anywhere between a couple hundred to several thousand from the damage that is caused," said Foyd. 

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