Don't "fall back" on Toyota Service!

Don't "fall back" on Toyota Service!
Charlotte auto service
Charlotte auto service
Do you know what’s happening this weekend? Sometimes it gets forgotten about – but it’s important! Sunday, November 6, marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. What does this mean for you? In addition to an extra hour of sleep, it gets darker outside sooner and your driving conditions may change! You may be accustomed to driving during the daytime, but you may have to start driving during sunset and at night because of the time change.

Prep for Daylight Saving with Toyota Service

When you’re not accustomed to driving in the dark, you may not realize the visibility of your car at night. Being able to see the road and having cars on the road see you is most important. During this shift of time, make sure your car is visible with help from our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!

Replace burned out bulbs and blown fuses

Do you have a headlight out? Not only can you be ticketed by the police for this, it’s also dangerous to drive with just one headlight. Put in a new bulb and replace any blown fuses that could hamper the visibility of your car.

Repair broken taillights

It’s been months since you accidentally backed into those trash cans – it’s time to fix that broken taillight! Replace the plastic covering and lightbulb if broken. Fully functional taillights allow other drivers to see you more easily when driving behind you.

Restore headlights

If your headlights don’t shine as bright as they used to, bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center for headlight restoration. Our auto service techs can get rid of any foggy or yellow clouding in the headlight.

Replace windshield wiper blades

Whether there is rain falling or debris blocking your view, windshield wipers assist in giving your maximum visibility. Over time, these Charlotte auto parts wear out and need replacement. Replace your windshield wiper blades for optimal clearing ability. Don’t forget to top off the washer fluid, too!

Catch up on routine car maintenance in Charlotte!

Getting your car ready for Daylight Saving Time isn’t just about lighting! When you bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center, you should also get your used car caught up routine car maintenance. Making sure your car is in tip-top shape will help you stay safe on the road during any time of day – especially at night!
  • Oil change – flush out old and gritty motor oil and replace it with fresh oil! This should be done every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, depending on the type of motor oil.
  • Brake service – do you hear any squealing or screeching when you step on the brake pedal? You may be in need of brake pad replacements!
  • Tire rotation – to prevent uneven tire wear and to prolong the life of your car tires, have a tire rotation done every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.
For more tips on how to get your ride ready for the time change, give our Charlotte auto service center a call! (888) 378-1214