#30Tipsin30Days - Day 30: We made it! Now, what??

#30Tipsin30Days - Day 30: We made it! Now, what??

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - #30Tipsin30Days - Day 30: We made it! Now, what??

Congratulations!! You made it to day 30! Surviving a #teamNOsugar 30 day challenge is no easy feat! You've avoided all processed and added sugars, haven't been drinking your calories and hopefully gotten into the habit of getting regular physical activity.

And, hey – even if you had some slip-ups, you never quit and that is KEY. After all this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

You're probably thinking – now what? Or maybe you're thinking about that brownie or bread or pasta that you can't wait to dive into!

A couple of things:

One - be careful of jumping right back in to the junk. You've gone 30 days without and I know from experience that re-entry can be a little bumpy. I remember the first time I tried to go back to an old favorite, Taco Bell. I say tried, because – well – it didn't workout so great. My body simply couldn't handle that greasy, fried, fatty foods. I'll spare you the details so let's just say that was the day my love affair with TB ended. That was three years ago. So,  you may have to accept that some of your old favorites are just that old.

Two – try to govern yourself by the 80 – 20 rule. You eat clean and healthy 80 percent of the time, and give yourself a chance to indulge 20 percent of the time. It's a happy medium that keeps the cravings in check and your waistline whittled. Remember #Day22's tip – turn your cheat day around? One indulgent day won't send you back down the rabbit hole. Note I said, day and not week!

More than anything – I hope that now you see kicking sugar to the curb IS possible. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit – so I thought rounding up to 30 days was a good way to ensure that you can establish a good baseline for a healthy lifestyle. Now, hopefully you know you don't HAVE to get a handful of pretzel M&M's every time you pass a certain co-workers desk. Or that you don't need to eat bread, every single day at every, single meal.  And that sometimes, fruit is all you need to curb those after-dinner cravings.

Thank you for trying. For not giving up. For showing that it can be done. You guys ROCK!

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**Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any health and wellness plan.**