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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Post Election -- Moving Forward

“Speak Out” is an expression of opinion from the Editorial Board of WBTV, and is presented by General Manager, Scott Dempsey.

The election is finally over - so what now?
We've seen frustration with the candidates, and the issues, on both sides. This election season has been incredibly polarizing. Political conversations have been extremely tense.

We've been divided based on party lines and values, but we still have several common goals: we all want what's best for our families...and we want what's best for the Carolinas...and our country.
Now that the political season has passed, it's time for us to come together, and move forward.

For now, the rallies are over. The campaigning has ceased. You, the voters, have determined who will represent you in office.
Some are frustrated while others are excited about the outcomes. The election itself doesn't solve the issues or resolve our differences, but now that it's over, perhaps we can return to some semblance of normalcy.
The candidates have stopped debating...at least for a while, maybe we can too.

As we approach this holiday season, let's cast our political differences aside, and focus on the path ahead.
We know you feel strongly about your values and the issues that affect you, and you should.
But for now, you don't have to worry about being bombarded by suggestions to take sides.

For now, let's take a deep breath, and exhale a sigh of relief.
It's been a divisive political season, but it's history now. It's time for us as Americans to stand united and move forward into our future together.

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