Day 25 - #30Tipsin30Days: Only you can motivate yourself!

Day 25 - #30Tipsin30Days: Only you can motivate yourself!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're are officially in the home stretch! Just FIVE days left in round two of our 30-day #TeamNOSugar challenge – woooooo!

People ask me alllllll the time how I stay motivated or if I can motivate them.

Let me be frank: only YOU can do that.

I aim to inspire you. That was my whole reason for sharing my story from jump. I felt like it was my testimony – my way of paying it forward. By being transparent about my years-long struggle with weight and my health, I hoped to show that anything is possible and you can absolutely change your life if you work hard enough!

That's why I don't just share the good times, the highs – but also the lows, the struggles and my bad days.

Ultimately, it is up to YOU. As far as staying motivated, you just have to decide you're going to do this. That you're not going to give up or quit no matter what. You show up to work every day, right? You pay your bills on time? Provide for your family? Apply that same discipline to eating right, getting regular exercise and saying NO to temptation.

Plus, remind yourself of your WHY. That was #Day14's tip! Whatever your why, use that to motivate you. It starts with YOU.

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