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Morning Motivation: No More Masks

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Yesterday, we saw first hand the power of false identity.

Just think about it. For one entire day you are permitted without question to become anyone you always wanted to be.

For some of us it was to be a scary character, for others a super hero or villain. For others an admired character.

Whatever you decided, while you wore the mask you pretended to be another person. You pretended to be that person! You forgot about your own world and entered into the world of another.

For some that is an everyday dilemma. You forget who you are and take on the identity of the world of another.

In many cases, abandoning yourself to become someone else. It is time to take off the mask and get into your life. These are the three steps to keep in mind:

  1. Love your own skin.
  2. Be your greatest fan.
  3. Celebrate your accomplishments.

When you place these three tips as the foundation of self understanding you will find joy in your life. Live today!

- Coach LaMonte

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