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BLOG: You're invited to a forum on HB2

HB2. Spent much of my afternoon reviewing this controversial law.

No matter what you think about the law -- and everyone pretty much thinks something – The Charlotte Observer is hosting a forum Wednesday night. They asked me to moderate. I agreed under the condition it wasn't a political debate between candidates.

To be transparent with you all as to why I said that, I thought talking with elected officials six days before an election -- someone running for office on either side -- had too much potential to be about that politician, rather than the law itself.

The Observer agreed. The event starts Wednesday starting at 7pm.

Our goal is a civil conversation. No denying the law has ripped our state apart. So, how did NC get to where it is? Let's talk about the non-bathroom issues in the law, the bathroom issues in the law, the financial and political fallout (if the panelists think there is either of those things) and where we go from here.

A spectrum of opinions. More here >>

I am honored to be asked to be part of such a challenging evening.

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