Safe Driving with Kids on Halloween

Safe Driving with Kids on Halloween
N Charlotte Toyota safety
N Charlotte Toyota safety
Before you take on spooks and scares with your kids this Halloween, make sure that you’re prepared with safe driving techniques. It never hurts to brush up on safe driving techniques – especially when you’re traveling with precious cargo!

Car seat safety is spooktacular!

When it comes to driving with kids, first things first is buckling them up safely! You shouldn’t drive with kids in the car unless they are strapped into a child car seat or secured with a seat belt. If you’re new to driving with little ones, there are three types of child car seats: rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster. Determining the right size for your bite-sized passenger depends on their age, height, and weight.
Picking out the right one is the first step to child car seat safety; next is installing it! When installing a child car seat into your N Charlotte Toyota, you want to make sure you do it correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely, securing it to the LATCH anchor system in your N Charlotte Toyota. If you’re unsure of how to properly install a child car seat, you can bring it to your local fire department or police department, where someone can check your work or install it correctly for you.

Fang-tastic safe driving tips

Now that your N Charlotte Toyota is ready for the kiddos, make sure you’re ready to drive them! Safe driving with kids involves paying close attention and staying alert – especially on Halloween. If you’re driving around on Halloween night, there are going to be a lot of little ones out and about that could potentially walk in front of your car. In addition to keeping your head on a swivel, other safe driving tips include:
  • Avoid distractions. Keep your phone out of sight and out of reach while you’re behind the wheel. If you need to make a call, use the Bluetooth wireless connectivity in your N Charlotte Toyota or safely pull off of the road.
  • Use your headlights. Make sure your way is well-lit before moving forward. It’s important that you can see anything or anyone that may be in front of your N Charlotte Toyota, and that they can see you.
  • Obey road signs. Drive the speed limit, come to a complete stop at stop signs, and observe right-of-ways. Pay attention to posted parking signs or reduced speed limit signs.
  • When you’re driving around on Halloween night, make sure your view isn’t obstructed by any car decorations or costume masks you’re wearing. You should have maximum visibility while behind the wheel.
Use extra caution when backing up, leaving driveways, and making right-hand turns. All of these actions include blind spots where petite pedestrians could be. When backing up, look all around your car and use the backup camera in your N Charlotte to help. When you are making turns or changing lanes, be sure to indicate this with turn signals.
For more tips on driving with little ones on Halloween night, or any night, stop by Toyota of N Charlotte! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road!