Get a car tune up in Charlotte!

Get a car tune up in Charlotte!
cheap car tune up
cheap car tune up
Your hobbies may not be primarily automotive or mechanics, but you still need your car to get you from point A to point B each day, right? If this is the case, you should take time to catch your car up on routine car maintenance and give it a regular car tune up!

What is a car tune up?

If you’re unfamiliar with auto service jargon, it’s common to not know what a car tune up is and what it does. To help you keep your in top-notch shape, our Charlotte Toyota Service technicians are here to explain what a car tune up is and tips for getting it done!
While it differs from mechanic to mechanic, a Charlotte car tune up typically entails:
  • Spark plug replacement – if your spark plugs are in need of replacement, some indications are: reduced performance, hard start of the car, rattling noise under the hood, and decreasing fuel economy.
  • Fuel injector cleaning – over time, fuel injectors become dirty and clogged. Clogged fuel injectors reduce performance and eventually affect the whole fuel system of the car. If your car is stalling or idling rough, the fuel injectors of your car need cleaning.
  • Systems check – run a thorough test of all systems in your Charlotte used car, including: heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC), fuel system, brake system, exhaust system, and engine cooling system.
  • Belts and hoses inspection – comb through belts and hoses under the hood for any rips, tears, holes, or wear that could affect how your engine and car performs. If your car is overheating or squealing when you start, you could have a coolant hose leak or worn out timing belt.
  • Filter replacements – clean and replace any filters that are dirty, clogged, and old. Check all filters, like cabin air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter.
The goal of a car tune up is to make sure your Charlotte used car is running at its optimal performance and efficiency. During a car tune up, elements under the hood are checked, examined, cleaned, repaired, and replaced.

Charlotte Toyota service gets your car ship-shape!

On top of checking these integral engine auto parts, a car tune up should also include routine auto services like:
  • Oil change – keep all those moving parts in your car’s engine lubricated with a cheap oil change in Charlotte!
  • Brake service – check the wear on brake system components like brake pads and rotors. Replace brake pads if they are too worn down.
  • Battery test – see how juice your car battery has left in it. Remember, car batteries are only made to last three to five years, so you could be nearing a car battery replacement.
To ensure that your car is in the best shape of its life, bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! Our Toyota-trained technicians will give it a bumper-to-bumper inspection to ensure that it is in tip-top shape.
Leave it to the professionals and keep it simple for yourself! Schedule an appointment at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center by giving us a call at (888) 378-1214!