Morning Motivation: Avoiding the distractions

Morning Motivation: Avoiding the distractions

(WBTV) - In a climate where distractions can become numbing it is important to stay on task.

In many cases, we are easily distracted because we find opportunities to take our eyes off the prize, diverting our attention to matters which don't, matter!

Today is the moment where we must stay focused, eliminating all things which would cause us to lose sight of our intended goals. Three tips to move us forward and away from distraction:

  1. Stay on point. Always remain goal minded.
  2. Follow the mental picture you have created for the life you want.
  3. Refuse to deviate away from what is before you.

The road ahead has the life you are intended to live right in front of you. Stay strong, focused, and live inspired!

You are closer than you think.

- Coach LaMonte

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