Morning Motivation: Stay in your own lane

Morning Motivation: Stay in your own lane

(WBTV) - In life we will all discover the things we are good at and not so good at. This is a part of life.

Today, I want to help you focus on the things you are good at which are what I define as your "lane items"

Lane Items are those very things that align with your purpose, the things you were created to manifest in life, and the things you were intended to present to the world. These are the items which will keep you grounded in your own lane so that you will manifest the life you desire most!

So that you know you are doing what you were called and created to do, follow these unique steps:

  • Know your GTS (Gifts, Talents & Skills). Are you doing what you GTS states you should?
  • Question what direction your life is going. If you never question your life never expect your life to offer to you what you would want most.
  • Always stay on your path and avoid other paths by all costs.

Stay in your lane and you will stay in your life!

- Coach LaMonte

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