Crime Stoppers: Man breaks into church, causes damage but steals nothing

Man breaks into church, tries to steal TV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Churches aren't hot spots for crime - rarely is there cash or valuables stored inside. Yet, one burglar took a big chance on what he could find one Saturday night after a church hosted an AA meeting.

He broke his way into to Memorial Presbyterian Church on Beatties Ford Road. A front window is boarded over with glass shards littering the ground.

"He used a rock or some big item to shatter, well, it smashed the glass,"  said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey.

Once inside, the young man spent 45 minutes checking offices, turning on lights, going in and out of rooms, and even checking out a glass display case. So what was he looking for?

"He looked around for a while and the only thing of value was a TV mounted on the wall, and the TV was, as if, somebody tried to get it off - it was crooked," Detective Roddey said.

Surveillance video also shows him kicking his way into the locked pastor's office. But again, he didn't find anything to steal.  When he came out, we got a great look at his face and, more importantly, his arms.

"If you look closely at his arms, he had tattoos all the way up on both arms," the detective said.

And what were the tattoos?

"Couldn't tell from the video, but you can see clearly he has tattoos up both arms."

Police were able to pull some fingerprints from the scene, as the crook failed to wear gloves.

He caused $1,500 in damage to the church and wound up stealing absolutely nothing. But if he's caught, he will face felony breaking and entering charges.

Can you help catch him? Please call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Reward money is available.

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