Concord's 'Christmas Lady' gets surprise from Charlotte Motor Speedway

'Christmas Lady' gets another surprise

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a smiling, laughing, beautiful woman who also happens to be dying of cancer. Michelle Fadel's doctor told her there was nothing else they could do for her stage 4 cancer that started in her breast and spread to her brain.

They said she might have just weeks to live. So she decided to "live them."

"I told my husband I have a good mind to just start decorating for Christmas so our grandkids don't miss out on Christmas and he said 'I'd love that,'" Michelle said.

Michelle's neighbors began decorating their houses too. Now, more than 10 homes on Chinberry Lane in Concord are all decked out for Christmas and it isn't even Halloween yet.

After we first aired the story, it went all over the country. Michelle has now been featured in several articles, including one of

"I have boxes and boxes of cards from people all over the country," Michelle said, "I had no idea this many people cared."

But people do care, a lot of them.

On Tuesday morning, Michelle sat in her front yard and bathed in sunshine as she watched a group of men hammer stakes into the ground and test out plugs.

They crew was from Charlotte Motor Speedway.

CMS President Marcus Smith saw Michelle's story and decided to send over some of the light from the speedway's Christmas display. "Speedway Christmas" features a 3.5-mile drive-through display of more than 3 million lights.

Needless to say they could spare a few to make Michelle's early Christmas even brighter.

"I had forgotten that we knew about this," Michelle said with a giggle, "Which is easy to do with my brain."

Michelle actually laughs as she tells of her tumors that are causing her to forget things, "Everything is a surprise to me," she said with another laugh.

That's the reason most everyone who meets Michelle or hears her story is so moved by it. It's the reason the speedway sent over lights.

This woman is a beacon of light. She's a hopeful soul in a world where hope might be growing thin. "I'll be healed one way or another, either here on earth or in heaven," Michelle said.

Her faith is what pulls her through. Her early Christmas is what's pulling her through with a huge grin on her face.

Along with an even more decked out display in her yard, this Saturday, the Concord Fire Department is planning a Christmas Parade just for Michelle. It will run right down her street and feature a marching band with all the bells and whistles.

"I just love it," Michelle said with yet another huge grin.

That smile offers a little perspective; if she can manage one, maybe you can too.

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