Stuck and Stink: How to improve your thinking

Stuck and Stink: How to improve your thinking

(WBTV) - We can always improve the way we think. Renewed thinking is the timeline to breakthrough in our life, and breakout in the seasons of our life.

Today is the day for all of us to take authority over our negative thinking and move our lives forward through the process of thinking. Many of us are stuck in our thinking and our thoughts, well, in many cases downright stink.

So what can we do to escape this madness:

  1. Record the most negative and systematic thoughts that plague you.
  2. Take action over those thoughts be determining if they are true or false.
  3. After taking action, confront each thought, solve each outstanding issue, and shift your thinking in the opposite direction.

We only have one mind and it is important to change our thinking. Remember that our lives will always go in the direction of our thinking.

All thoughts are directional. Whatever direction you want your life to go start thinking in that direction.

- Coach LaMonte

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