#30Tipsin30Days - Day 17: Non-scale victories!

#30Tipsin30Days - Day 17: Non-scale victories!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - #30Tipsin30Days - Day 17: Non-scale victories!

There may come a time when you don't think you're making progress. When the scale is not your friend. It's during those times when I realize just how important a non-scale victory (or NSV) is.

It's changes that you've noticed despite what the scale might say. I've had so many since I started my journey on #TeamNOSugar - but these stand out the most.

  1. The first time I wore a dress without a jacket on TV. This was HUGE for me. Especially considering how I had ALWAYS worn a jacket and never felt comfortable enough to do so. I felt like a million bucks in this simple, black dress I found at Stein Mart.
  2. The first time I wore stripes on my bottom half. This from a gal who always used to favor black skirts/pants and never thought prints and stripes was something I could rock. Again, I felt amazing - you couldn't tell me nothing, LOL! I've since learned it's all about the width of the stripes and that diagonal stripes are your friend (as opposed to horizontal ones.)
  3. That time I ran 100 miles in a month. Yep, you read that right. July 2014. 100 miles in 31 days. I NEVER thought I could do that. But I felt strong, powerful and like I could do anything I set my mine, too. I met my running goal (after being challenged by a college classmate) even after being sidelined for nearly a week with knee pain. Your body will achieve what your mind believes!

So, whatever your non-scale victories are - celebrate them! Whether it's a new outfit, a normal BP or A1C or the fact you can run a mile without stopping.

Whatever it is - it's JUST as important as the number on the scale!

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