Gaston County Board of Elections working to earn trust of voters

Gaston County Board of Elections working to earn trust of voters

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Throughout this election cycle, voters on both sides have cried foul when it comes to vote rigging.

In recent campaign stops by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Republican nominee has maintained the election is rigged for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Gaston County voter Karen Dorsey said she has heard of voting machines changing votes.

"In Pennsylvania, one of my friends had chosen Clinton, it jumped to Trump," Dorsey said.

Gaston County Board of Elections Director Adam Ragan said he has heard about instances in which voters don't come out to the polls because they fear their vote will be changed, or the election is rigged.

"It is discouraging. We're in the business to make sure people vote," Ragan said.

One cause of concern for voters is that electronic voting will either change their vote, tamper with the results, or be hacked.

Ragan said this will not be a problem in Gaston County, since electronic voting is not even an option.

"Most voters are wary when it comes to technology in voting, so we encourage people with the paper ballots. It is what you mark on that ballot," Ragan said.

The county's voters have noticed this, which is why they don't think vote rigging will be a problem.

"It significantly eases the worries. It leaves a solid physical footprint," said Richard Neal.

Ragan said he is still prepared to do whatever it takes to address concerns from voters.

"If I have to hand-count each one of those ballots, we can do that, just to make sure the vote totals are correct," Ragan said.

Early voting ends November 5.

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