Tips to keep your trick-or-treaters safe

Tips to keep your trick-or-treaters safe
N Charlotte Toyota tips
N Charlotte Toyota tips
Are your little ones excited to go door-to-door collecting candy and showing off their cool costumes? Halloween is an exciting time for them – but maybe a little nerve-wracking for you. The thought of them walking around at night can be the most frightful part of your Halloween. However, as long as you take steps to teach your kids pedestrian safety tips, you can protect them from things that go bump in the night!

Spooky pedestrian safety for Halloween

Keeping your trick-or-treaters safe starts with preparation! Before it’s time to head out the door for a night of happy haunts, you want to go over a few pedestrian safety guidelines with your kids and make sure they are going to be safe walking around. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we recommend:
  • Planning a route. Determine ahead of time where you will be trick-or-treating and the path you plan to take. Not only does this make the trick-or-treating faster and more efficient, it also helps familiarize your child with the area in case they were to get lost or turned around.
  • Cutting the costume short. Avoid dressing your princess, vampire, or superhero in a costume that will be long and dragging on the ground. Flowy costumes like this tend to get tangled up and could cause your child to trip.
  • Keep to comfortable footwear. Heels or sandals may complete the costume, but they could also cut the night short because of achy feet or tripping. 
Once you’re out on the streets, collecting treats, keep a close eye on your children! Make sure they are always in your sight. It’s best that you avoid distractions while you’re out trick-or-treating with your kids. Don’t look down at your phone or chat with neighbors while your pilots, pumpkins, and pirates are on the move!

Happy Halloween from Toyota of N Charlotte!

While you’re making sure you can see your kids, make sure those behind the wheel can see them to. One of the most important pedestrian safety rules is to be visible while walking at night! To make sure you’re seen by drivers, wear brightly colored or reflective clothing, or carry a flashlight!
Your kids can get excited and may dart across the street for a spooky house or king-sized candy bar, so make sure they stay safe and avoid crossing the street. Only cross the street when the way is totally clear, or use a designated crosswalk. Stay on the sidewalks or as far away from the road as possible, if the sidewalks are crowded with other ghosts, ghouls, and monsters!
So their plastic pumpkins are FILLED with pounds of sweets and treats and they just want a taste, but before they unwrap any candy it’s important that you comb through it and ensure it’s all safe to eat. If you find any candies that have been unwrapped or opened, it’s best to just throw them away!
For more tips on how to keep your favorite trick-or-treaters safe on All Hallows Eve, stop by Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road!