The ABC's of good nutrition

More than one-third of kids are overweight or obese yet many are also undernourished, meaning they aren't getting enough of the nutrients they need each day to help support learning and overall health. How can you make sure your child is getting the nutrition they need?
Nutritious foods support growth and development and have a positive impact on your child's ability to learn in the classroom. Yet a meal is only nutritious if your child or teen actually eats it! On WBTV News Sunday Morning, Marie Spano, Sports nutritionist and author, shared the ABCs of preparing nutritious meals and snacks your kids will love.
A stands for "Assemble" 
If you're rushed for time, assemble healthy meals in minutes by keeping a variety of frozen and canned foods in your kitchen. You can't beat the convenience of frozen and canned foods - both seal in freshness and flavor, as well as nutrition, naturally. 
B is for Bring on the Fun
Get kids involved in the kitchen and they'll have fun and learn about food and nutrition. Little children can help you make sandwiches in fun shapes or sandwich rollups, and their own individual fruit and nut snacks.  
 C stands for Convenience
Always keep some grab and go snacks handy just in case you are short on time. Homemade granola bars, ready-to-go cut up fruit and veggies – with individual dips, string cheese and Wonderful in-shell pistachios, portable 100% juice drinks for kids to rehydrate for after school sports and activities.
Marie A. Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD, is one of the country's leading sports nutritionists. For more information, visit