Man with rare disorder finds kidney match in his sister

Sister donates kidney to brother

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Bryan Stout and his sister Amelia Sawyer have always been close. Bryan was diagnosed with a rare disorder at 18 months old, that causes crystals to form inside his cells.

The condition, cystinosis, has caused his kidneys to fail.

"I had a transplant at 11-years-old," Bryan said, "That lasted 25 years, but now I need another one."

When doctors explained this news, Bryan knew the search for a donor kidney would be a long one. Patients can wait as long as two years for a suitable donor match.

But he only had to wait a month.

"As soon as he told us he needed a new kidney I went to LabCorp and got tested," Amelia said. And she was a perfect match.

On November 7, the two will enter the hospital and Amelia's healthy kidney will be transplanted into her brother. It's a decision that Amelia didn't have to think twice about.

"Whenever we were growing up, I always took up for him," Amelia said.

Because of Bryan's condition, he's smaller than his younger sister and she says kids used to pick on him.

"I have even gotten physical to defend him," Amelia said.

Bryan has always been grateful for his little sister, but now even more so.

"We've always been very close, and she's always done whatever it takes to keep me healthy," Bryan said.

Both Bryan and Amelia will be in recovery for a while after their surgery. But Amelia says for her brother, she'd do anything to make his life better.

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